Case Study

Hindustan Motors

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Hindustan Motors, Calcutta


As a result of implementation of all our suggestions, successful commissioning of the dryers at HM has been able to avoid the usage of at least 6 compressors there by saving at least 8.7 lakhs per month.

Hindustan Motors is the producer of the famous Ambassador car, widely used as a taxicab and as a government limousine. One of the original three car manufacturers in India, founded in 1942, it was a leader in car sales until the 1980s.

In 1997, SANPAR conducted a case study in Hindustan Motors, Calcutta. It was found that the plant was equipped with a centralized Desiccant Dryer. Desiccant Dryer works with at least 25% purge losses for the purpose of regeneration of the desiccant. Apart from this loss, SANPAR noticed air leakage in the pneumatic line.

SANPAR suggested Hindustan Motors to replace the desiccant Dryer by a refrigerated Dryer, which is an energy efficient equipment and has no such, purge losses. Also, suggested the customer to arrest all the leaks in the pneumatic lines.

• Installation and Commissioning of the equipment at the customer’s site successfully.
• Training to the customer regarding the operation and control logic of the system.
• Prompt service attention.

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