Case Study

JMT Auto Ltd.

Refrigerated Dehumidifier

JMT Auto, Jamshedpur


The relative humidity in the standard room is being maintained with in the tolerance range so that the CMM machine functions at its accurate best. JMT Auto has placed a repeat order for the same Dehumidifier for the same application for their Dharwad plant.

JMT Auto Ltd., formerly known as Jamshedpur Metal Treat (JMT), is one of the leading Auto component manufacturers in Eastern region. JMT's quality products meet the fastest growing industries of the current era - the auto industry.

JMT Auto is a leading manufacturer of automobile components like Transmission Gears, Engine Gears, Gear Box Assembly, Carrier Assembly, Shafts, Rear Axle Shafts, Synchro Rings, Seal were Rings, Synchronizing Cone, Fly wheels, Drums, Housing Pipes, Spindles and Pins. All these components are to be manufactured with the at most precision. This demands JMT to use sophisticated manufacturing facilities. One of the standard rooms houses a precision CMM machine, this special machine requires humidity be maintained with in close tolerances of 40 to 60%. Any slight variation in the RH (humidity) will result in the inaccurate functioning of the machine.

SANPAR suggested a refrigerate Dehumidifier that maintains the desired humidity content in the standard room. SANPAR make refrigerated dehumidifier consists of the following features. The equipment is made fully automatic with a built-in hygrostat and can be set to the required humidity level.

• Installation and Commissioning of the equipment at the customer’s site successfully.
• Training to the customer regarding the operation and control logic of the system.
• Prompt service attention.

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