Case Study


High Pressure Compressed Air Treatment System

Gas Turbine Research Establishment, Bangalore

Research establishment

As a result of implementation of suggestions from SANPAR, successful commissioning of the dryers GTRE has been able to bring down the power consumption for cooling air considerably.

GTRE is government establishment that is involved in research on space shuttle engines in Bangalore.

During the testing of the same, blades fitted on to the rotor of the engine, at maximum speed will expand due to high temperatures. An arrangement is made to monitor this dimensional change with respect to the temperature. The electronic set up that is used for monitoring this change that also heats up during the process. So it is imperative to cool this measuring device and the recommended coolant for the same is cool dry air at a high pressure of 35 bar g. Earlier the cooling was done by means of a Desiccant Dryer. Desiccant Dryer works with at least 25% purge losses for the purpose of regeneration of the desiccant resulting in power loss.

SANPAR suggested GTRE a refrigerated COMPRESSED AIR TREATMENT SYSTEM comprising of a refrigerated compressed air dryer and filters for the same applications with the following specification. The compressed air treatment includes refrigerated compressed air dryer, pre filter, after filter, final filter, timer drains, pressure regulators, flow meter and flow control valves entirely mounted on a mobile trolley. Capacity: 22 cfm. / Operating pressure: 35 bar g.

• Installation and Commissioning of the equipment at the customer’s site successfully.
• Training to the customer regarding the operation and control logic of the system.
• Prompt service attention.

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