Case Study

Ashok Leyland LTD.

Climatic Controller

Engine R & D Division, Ashok Leyland, Hosur


The fluctuation of Temperature and RH in the set up is maintained in the desired levels resulting in the accurate measurement of the filter paper.

Ashok Leyland, a technology leader in the commercial vehicles sector of India, have built a reputation for reliability and ruggedness.

The measurement of particulate emissions from an engine is done by filter paper sampling method. As per ARAI standards for emissions the sampled filter paper should be weighed in a controlled condition of temperature and relative humidity. The desired humidity range is 45% ± 2 while temperature is at 22 ± 1°C.

SANPAR suggested Ashok Leyland the CLIMATIC CONTOLLER - Advanced cooling equipment that can maintain both the Relative Humidity and the Temperature within the above-mentioned tolerance levels. Climatic controller is an integration of a Cooling System, Humidifier and a Dehumidifier. The system supplied to Ashok Leyland has the following feature.
• Maintenance of temperature and humidity in the range 22 ± 1°C and 45% ± 2 respectively, this close tolerance is a first, achieved by us.
• Temperature sensor
• Humidity Sensor
• Compact and noise levels less than 70 DB
• Interconnectivity of the unit with a printer
• Automatic condensate discharge pump

• Installation and Commissioning of the equipment at the customer’s site successfully.
• Training to the customer regarding the operation and control logic of the system.
• Prompt service attention.

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