Data Centers

For technology rooms, environmental control is more than simple cooling. Comfort cooling systems are designed to cool people and office spaces.

They cannot provide the kind of environment required by high performance servers and Telecom equipments. An adverse swing in temperature and/or humidity may result in complete system shutdown. This can create huge costs for the company, depending on the length of the interruption and the value of time and data lost. Standard building cooling systems are designed to keep people comfortable 8-12 hours each day, five days a week and only during the warmest months. Sensitive electronics must be maintained in a stable environment of 20 - 25 deg C temperature with a relative humidity of 40% to 55% all round the year. The computers and electronic equipment generate large quantities of heat in small areas, nearly 6 to 10 times the heat density of normal office space, the air conditioning system must have more than just enough cooling capacity. It must have the precision to react quickly to a drastic change in heat load and prevent wide temperature and humidity fluctuations.

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