Mechanical Engineering

Refrigerated Dehumidifiers are used in the manufacturing domain to maintain accurate RH to close tolerance levels.

SANPAR has grown in strength with the exponential growth of mechanical engineering industries and services in India. Our products and services engulf the basics of an efficient plant’s functioning: quality compressed air for pneumatic tools, processed air systems, CMM machines, CNC machines and much more.

At the very heart of our operations is our range of products for a variety of mechanical engineering applications: Climatic Controllers, Refrigerated Dehumidifiers, Industrial Filters, Drains, Chillers, Precision Air Conditioners and Heat Exchangers. These products from our R&D efforts can be coupled within a range of parameters and other solutions to provide Mechanical Engineering based Industries the most energy-efficient solution for their processes. During the life-cycle of your business, SANPAR assures you of a highly competitive product-service package.

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