The industry requires zero-tolerance levels for dust, fumes and oil, apart from micro-bacterial levels of filtration.

SANPAR is a premier supplier of Compressed Air Treatment Systems, providing quality compressed air to the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

SANPAR’s Air Treatment Solutions include compressors for operating pneumatic tools, sugar coating of capsules and in stirring applications. Critical variables in pharmaceutical standard and processing rooms including temperature and humidity tolerance levels can be accurately maintained by our custom solutions. The SANPAR Climatic Controller is in use across several installations across India. Humidity control is effectively monitored by the SANPAR XERION series of Dehumidifiers. SANPAR provides HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters that are routinely used in modern buildings in order to control the spread of airborne particulates and toxic or infectious agents.

SANPAR’s various customized solutions provide the pharmaceutical industry the maximum protection for products mixed and packaged in laboratories or mixed and dispensed in pharmacies across India.

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