SANPAR Develops Lens Storage Facility for Indian Institute of Astrophysics!

October 10, 2014

SANPAR is proud to convey its success in developing a Climatic Chamber, which was a requirement for the storage of highly-critical lenses used in the various telescopes located in Indian Institute Of Astrophysics, Kavallur near Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

These highly-expensive and sensitive lenses of various spectrums in range requires a storage environment of 20 oC +/- 2 oC and a Relative Humidity of 10 +/- 3%. No easy task in its’ self to achieve but with the dedicated team focused on utter perfection to meet the promise to deliver the most energy efficient solution to our client.

A final agreement was reached to employ compressed air with a dehumidifying unit along with a vortex tube to ensure extremely low humidity at the desired air temperatures for prolonged operational hours.

The chamber was insulated with air-tight, double skinned door along with the facility to view the Lenses inside with the use of poly-carbonate sheets. Temperature sensors and humidity probes were critical to maintain the prescribed parameters along with an inter-locking facility to ensure stoppage of airflow once the desired conditions were met.

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