Compressed Air Treatment



These generally comes with air cooled condensers and have proven to work efficiently even at ambient temperatures soaring up to 50°c. This provides compressed air at a consistent pressure dew point of (+) 3 ° c and with a pre filter and after filter ensures the compressed air quality conforms to iso 8573.1 class 1.4.1. Where,
1 stands for dust particles less than 5 micron
4 stands for pressure dew point of (+) 3 ° c
1 stands for residual oil content less than 0.01 mg/m3.

The dryer is incorporated with hot gas bye pass valve which acts as modulating valve during the air flow fluctuations. The dryer is also incorporated with capillary tube to ensure consistent evaporating temperature irrespective of load fluctuations and ambient temperature variations.


The dew point indicator is of digital type showcasing the high accuracy of the pdp maintained. The accompanying filters have differential pressure indicators which helps in replacing the filter element not too late and not too early so that we could extract the full life of the filter element. These dryers are compact and it’s’ footprint is minimal. Inlet and outlet connections are the rear of the dryer, making it convenient for installation.

Silent workaholic dryers that these are, they are most reliable and need very little or no maintenance except cleaning of condenser fins from time to time depending on the dust conditions at the site and the cleaning of zero-loss compressed air automatic drains.

Salient features

• Air Cooled
• Classic tube- in-tube type Heat Exchanger
• Hermetically Sealed Compressor
• Modulating capacity controller - 0-100% Thermal Load Handling
• Eco-Friendly refrigerated R134
• Fan Pressure Switch
• Capillary Tube Expansion Device
• Modular-In Design for optimum Serviceability

Technical Specification

• Operating Pressure : 7 Bar g
• Air Inlet Temperature : 45°C
• Pressure Dew Point : 3°C
• Condenser Cooling Air Temperature : 40°C

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