Precision Air Conditioner


The SANPAR make Precision Air Conditioner is the next- generation, highly-efficient unit, extremely accurate climate control for reliable and consistent operation of various critical applications whilst maintaining low operating noise and energy consumption.

For technology rooms, environmental control is more than simple cooling. Comfort cooling systems are designed to cool people and office spaces. They cannot provide the kind of environment required by high performance servers and telecom equipment. An adverse swing in temperature and/or humidity may result in complete system shutdown. This can create huge costs for the company, depending on the length of the interruption and the value of time and data lost. Standard building cooling systems are designed to keep people comfortable 8-12 hours each day, five days a week and only during the warmest months. Sensitive electronics must be maintained in a stable environment of 20 - 25°C temperature with a relative humidity of 40% to 55% all- round the year. The computers and electronic equipment generate large quantities of heat in small areas, nearly 6 to 10 times the heat density of normal office space, the air conditioning system must have more than just enough cooling capacity. It must have the precision to react quickly to a drastic change in heat load and prevent wide temperature and humidity fluctuations.


A Precision Air Conditioner is an integration of the following control process :
• Cooling Cycle
• Heating Cycle
• De-Humidification Cycle
• Humidification Cycle

Efficient De-humidification with Hot Gas Re-Heat

The SANPAR make Precision Air Conditioner segregates moisture from the air using one part cooling and varying the speed of the air so that optimum surface contact time is met between air and coil. When sensible heating is required during the cooling de-humidification mode, the Hot Gas Re- Heat offers an extremely energy-efficient methodology by providing Re-Heat capability by bypassing energy that would normally be rejected to the outside by the condenser. Hence thereby achieving considerable energy saving for the client.

The Control Centre for each of our cooling solutions incorporates a sophisticated electronic microprocessor with its control logic specifically developed by Sanpar Industries Pvt. Ltd.

The Microprocessor utilizes various sensors to send and receive detailed information to and from vital components such as Refrigerant Compressors, Fans, Pumps and Control Valves so they interact with each other in perfect unity to balance cooling duty, temperature, air flow, relative humidity and pressure to exactly match the client’s requirements. Our Microprocessor can also be fully-integrated with multiple units having the capabilities to work in tandem to fully optimise the climatic control based on the application. By integrating intelligent components, the microcontroller manages the system’s performance thus reducing the power draw drastically upon load.

Micro Processor Control Features Include :

Advanced Fan Control

Due to the use of Electronically Commutated variable speed fans, we have provided advanced power savings by fully integrating the fan control to the quality of air, thus also ensuring very low operating sound levels.

Condensate Drain Controller

This facility enables the control frequency of opening of the two-Condensate drain valves. This process can either be set upon a timer or based on the level of the condensate.

Compressor Start Delay

This feature safeguards the compressor from frequently starting and stopping due to power failure from the incoming side. Hence ensuring longer life for the compressor.

Record of History

This feature aids the client to record and refer to the history of the dryer upon the health of the PAC upon every tripped event.

LAN Connectivity

SANPAR included this feature to enable the client to connect either one or multiple Air Chillers in tandem to monitor and control either through wired LAN connection or wirelessly. SANPAR will also be closely monitoring each connected dryer in our network to provide proactive maintenance in the event of an imminent service visit.

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