An established Service Department

At SANPAR, we believe that providing cutting-edge solutions covers only half of our implementation cycle. We take pride on our functional expertise in the other important aspect of a logical, customer-experience: the maintenance and regular monitoring of our installed products. With this in mind, SANPAR has established an excellent Service Department with factory trained and certified field engineers stationed all over India. Our service network is constantly upgraded so in the case of any eventuality, response times can be minimized to keep your production schedules on time. Sanpar Service Department has consistently maintained a track record of attending to any service complaints nation wide within 24 hours. Each of these is logged in our internal complaint tracker and we have constantly used our data logs to further enhance the operational efficiency and lifespan of our products.

Under our service solutions options package, we offer regular maintenance checks, which help in identifying problems early and preventing costly down times. Service engineers will periodically check your systems and optimize them for energy efficiency.


Installation and commissioning
SANPAR accepts projects of large capital equipment like Air Dryer, Water Chiller, Oil Chiller and more, on a turn key basis. The equipment is handed over to the customer once the product is successfully commissioned. SANPAR believes that the commissioning is complete only when the end user is proficient in the maintenance of the equipment.

Preventive maintenance
Service agreements are available at the time of equipment purchase to provide priority scheduling and cost control. A service warranty is provided to the customer for a period of 12 to 18 months, with a service engineer visiting the site once a month. Call us to schedule a service or request a field service price list.

Maintenance and ASC’s
As a standard, SANPAR offers an Annual Service Contract (ASC) with a Service Engineer visiting the customer’s site bi-monthly / quarterly during a contract year. So, effectively there shall be a maximum of 6/4 calls in a year apart from distress calls. During this period, any consumables and spares required will be supplied by the customer.

Spare Parts
For trouble free operation of the system, a stock of certain spares has to be maintained. Most of the spares will be dispatched within 48 hours, however some spares will be dispatched subject to their availability with our suppliers.

Trouble Shooting
The training given by SANPAR to all its service engineers, coupled with their comprehensive knowledge on Compressed Air Technology and Refrigeration Concepts, results in excellent trouble shooting capability by our service team. In our experience, most issues are solved by giving tips to the customer via the telephone, once again reinforcing our belief in our products and solutions.