Compressed Air Treatment



Sanpar make internal drain is a no air loss drain. sanpar make internal drain is float type drain with standard 1/2" bsp connections. there is no-air loss drain.



The STD240 is an automatic timer controlled drain. sanpar make timer drain consists of a strainer with a solenoid valve (230v a/c). the drain valve opens based on the timings set in the drain. also the time interval between the successive openings of the valve can be set. the drain has standard 1’’ bsp connections.



This simple device incoroporates an ball valve that senses the level of the condensate and triggers the drain based on a predisposed level setting.this mechanical float drain is highly-effective and requires no electrical supply for its operation.also ensuring zero precious compressed air loss.


SLD 028

The condensate runs through inlet into the collection chamber. a level sensor signal the control electronics when a predetermined level is reached and a command impulse is sent to the solenoid coil which opens the valve. the control electronics sensor is positioned in such a way that the solenoid valve is open only till the condensate is discharge and closes before any air loss.