Compressed Air Treatment



Sanpar manufactures water cooled refrigerant compressed air dryers ( xeros ) designed specifically for use in tropical countries where the ambient temperatures are considerably high, normally ranging up to 45-50°c. Ranging from 200 cfm to over 6000 cfm with a designed operating pressure of 7 bar ( g ).

After coolers are essential to drop the temperature of compressed air to the range of 35 - 40°c. With the usage of this component in the treatment of the compressed air, drastically reduces the thermal load for the dryer downstream as it is designed to maintain the cold mean temperature difference of 5 - 10°c. The water cooled after cooler designed is removable tube bundle type, shell and tube heat exchanger under the strict guidelines of tema “c” code accompanied by the moisture separator. Vital in ensuring condensed moisture is completely removed and the air entering the dryer is saturated only with water vapour.


The core components are copper tubes housed in a carbon steel shell : astm 515 gr.60 or is 2062 and stainless steel baffle plates. Water based air dryers have a clear advantage to it’s air cooled counterpart, with lower condensing temperatures, which ultimately results in increased cooling capacity ( cop ) of the refrigerant compressor. Thus decreasing the overall power consumption of the refrigerant compressor by using a comparatively smaller compressor. The incorporation of a smaller compressor aids the user with not only a reduced capital investment but also lower recurring costs in terms of power draw.

The dryer is specifically designed to use the state – of – the – art aluminium brazed plate heat exchanger, coupled with pre and final filter the compressed air is dust, oil and moisture free conforming to iso 8573.1 : class 1.4.1. Engineered precisely to ensure a minimal intermediate temperature to ensure the external power required to obtain the pressure dew point of ( + ) 3°c which is equivalent to ( - ) 21°c of atmospheric dew point at an operating pressure of 7 bar ( g ) is the least. These are incorpaoarated with advanced microcontrollers for effective monitoring of the system.These microcontrollers display 7 temperature sensors and 2 pressure sensors.

The microcontroller consistently monitors the health of the dryer and triggers any malfunctions before it hits a critical point. It monitors the pressure drop across the heat exchanger, always displaying the condition of the heat exchanger. It displays memory of 20 occurrences, the instances at which the dryer has situations where manual correction was required. It is provided with an ethernet port to get connected to a pc so that one could monitor the performance remotely.

A closed circuit water chiller, compared to open type cooling tower would mean scaling free condensing systems. For an open type cooling tower, it is necessary to maintain the hardness of water to be less than 30 ppm in order to prevent the threat of scaling. The cost of ownership is lower than compared to the air cooled version. The idea is to have energy conservation in compressed air treatment systems – an obstinate philosophy of sanpar.

Salient features of SANPAR XEROS dryers

• Latest Technology of aluminum plate heat exchangers
• Plate type heat exchange are compact, high-efficient and light in weight
• Latest technology of vacuum brazing used on the plate type heat exchangers
• Heat Exchangers put to helium leak test up to 27-bar g
• Optimum selection of compressor with high COP contributes to power benefits
• Victaulic coupling provide on the compressed air inlet and outlet connections for easy maintenance
• Negligible pressure-drop in the refrigeration line, hence utilizing complete rated cooling capacity of the compressor
• Heat Exchangers easily retrofitted without affecting the refrigeration line. Rotolocks at the refrigerant inlet and outlet
• Refrigeration piping leak tested with electronics detectors ensuring that the leak is of the order of 3 g/year
• RS 232 port with interface software provided as` an optional feature for remote monitoring. • Capacity: 85 to 10,000 cfm
• Operating Pressure: 3 to 16 bar g
• High Pressure Dryers up to 50 bar g also available made to suit individual requirements

Technical Specification are for the following standard conditions

• Operating Pressure > 7 Bar g
• Air Inlet Temperature: 45°C
• Pressure Dew Point: +3°C - ISO 8573.1 Class 1.4.1
• Condenser Cooling Temperature: 40°C [ AIR ] / 32°C [ WATER ]