Case Study

Hical Technologies

Precision Air Conditioner

Hical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


A constant Climate is maintained with respect to Temperature and Relative Humidity to the desired levels for a Vacuum Potting process.

This highly-sensitive polyurethane potting material needs a constant temperature within the range of 23 ± 2°C and a constant humidity range of 40 % ± 5, in order to reduce the chances of pustule like ( large bubbles ) formation on the top of the potting surface. This leads to poor performance and higher chances of high-voltage breakdown in the Inductor.

SANPAR suggested Hical Technologies the Precision Air Conditioner would ideally suit the requirement of a control room with relatively low temperature and humidity. Since understanding the criticality of each potting process and the usage of very expensive potting material, it was imperative to maintain a constant climate control in order to aid Hical Technologies to achieve their potential of manufacturing Aerospace grade products. The SANPAR make Precision Air Conditioner had integrated the following modes of control :
• Cooling System
• De-Humidifier
• Humidifier
• Heating System

After carefully understanding the requirements from Hical Technologies, Sanpar Microfilters incorporated the following changes to design a custom system for the client, such as :
• Maintenance of temperature and humidity in the range 22 ± 1°C and 45% ± 2 respectively
• Suspended Indoor Unit above False Ceiling in order to save floor space by virtually consuming 0 foot print
• Highly accurate Temperature and Humidity sensor with a degree of accuracy by 0.1
• Compact design with noise levels below 65dBa
• Custom ductable unit designed and optimised upon the client’s request

• Installation and Commissioning of the equipment at the customer’s site successfully.
• Training to the customer regarding the operation and control logic of the system.
• Prompt service attention.

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