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Partner with us as a quality supplier.

A good supplier is one who delivers materials of correct specifications at stipulated delivery dates. At SANPAR, we pride ourselves on our ethical partners who deliver on their business promises and who have high regard for our valued buyer-vendor relationships. We appreciate progressive business methodologies and technological advancements that aid in improving product quality.

Our Vendors are our valued partners in our business development and we promote a spirit of mutual co-operation to meet our business objectives. Vendor Development and Strategic Sourcing are handled by Corporate Materials Department (CMD). CMD identifies the vendors, rates the vendors based on feedback received from Supplier Quality Assurance Cell. We then provide detailed specifications, request quotes which include a detailed break-up of phased costs. Finally, we negotiate the price at which the parts will be supplied and initiate a timeline based implementation. Strategic Sourcing is central to the Integrated Materials Management function. SANPAR’s policy is to develop a vendor base committed to continuous R&D to meet quality, cost and delivery standards.

If you believe you can partner with us as a quality supplier, we welcome you via a few simple steps:

Send us email with the basic inputs required for preliminary study. As this provides the basic inputs required for SANPAR’s preliminary study; please provide as much information as possible.

If SANPAR needs an item which you can supply, SANPAR will get in touch with you and a SANPAR Vendor Approval Team (VA) will visit you for on – site assessment. Alternatively, you will be asked to submit product samples.

On approval from the VA Team, SANPAR will send you the drawings / specifications and ask for a price quotation. If the VA Team recommends additional specifications required, a second Re-assessment will be initiated.

If the supplier matches SANPAR’s expectations in terms of price, quality and delivery, an official order for the pilot batch of products will be released. Online inspection will be carried out at your premises as well as in SANPAR for the pilot batch. On approval you will be listed as an approved Vendor or Supplier.

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