Air Chillers


Numerous years of experience in compressed air treatment has rendered SANPAR pioneers in airing solutions. This has transformed into standard systems of SANPAR refrigeration air chillers. SANPAR's innovative thinking is reflected in its air chillers of capacities ranging from 5 CFM to 10,000CFM at variable pressures.

Salient features of SANPAR Air Chillers

• Wide Range of Models and Capacities
• Tailor made products to meet customer's requirements
• Energy efficient blowers
• HP / LP switch, oil pressure switch, OLP
• Microprocessor based controller
• Highly efficient Air / Water cooled condensers
• State of Art Technology using most advanced Heat Exchanger tubes and baffle design makes the unit highly compact and heat transfer efficient
• Housings in galvanized steel and externally coated with epoxy resin
• Evaporators are highly-efficient Plate type Heat Exchanger or Shell and Tube type Heat Exchanger
• Easy access to all movable parts, hence easy to use and maintain
• Compact and innovative in design
• Inbuilt Auto adaptive control system allows smooth trouble free operation during varying loads and varying ambient conditions


Micro Processor Control Features Include

Differential Pressure Control
This enables the chiller to constantly monitor the pressure Drop across the Plate Heat Exchangers in order to help aid in proactive maintenance of the plates before it is choked. Hence ensuring optimum performance for the client.

Condensate Drain Controller
This facility enables the control frequency of opening of the two-Condensate drain valves. This process can either be set upon a timer or based on the level of the condensate. The carefully selected range facilitates the proper removal of condensate from the collection points.

Compressor Start Delay
This feature safeguards the compressor from frequently starting and stopping due to power failure from the incoming side.

Delay Timer for Air Inlet
This can be connected to a solenoid on the air inlet of the dryer. This delays the entry of compressed air to the dryer thereby allowing the dryer to stabilize before it is ready for drying.

Record of History
This feature aids the client to record and refer to the history of the dryer upon the health of the dryer upon every tripped event.

LAN Connectivity
SANPAR included this feature to enable the client to connect either one or multiple Air Chillers in tandem to monitor and control either through wired LAN connection or wirelessly. SANPAR will also be closely monitoring each connected dryer in our network to provide proactive maintenance in the event of an imminent service visit.

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