Medical Desiccant Air Dryer



SANPAR Desiccant based Air Dryer for breathing - designed to deliver dryness conforming to BS_EN12021:2014 breathing air quality standards.

Salient features

• Removes moisture from the medical air for breathing purpose to eliminate the chances of microbial growth and maximize medical equipment life.
• Employed for vital functions such as ventilators and in administering anesthetics.
• Achieves a pressure dew point of ( - ) 400C and lower- Bone Dry Air.
• Conforming to ISO 8573.1 Class 1.2.1 Compressed Air Standards.
• Breathing air quality dryness as per BS EN12021:2014.
• Offers four different adsorption technologies to meet energy and air quality standards.
• Industry 4.0 integration for remote monitoring.
• Custom designed for non-lubricated Air Compressors.
• Capacity range: 5 CFM to 10,000 CFM.

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